Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Workpalce Technologies... Day 2

Well, it is now day 2 of Workplace Technologies and I think I am getting the hang of at least what the book has to offer. As of right now, I am learning the basics of making new folders and saving files as well as copying and pasting, stuff I do at work on a daily basis, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a little refresher on the basic steps so I can learn how to perform and complete the harder tasks that I have yet to learn. As far as Microsoft Word 2007, I find it a little harder to use and navigate with than the 2003 version. With posting blogs, it is easy because I know those steps already. I think with a little browsing around on my spare time, then I could eventually get used to it, I am going to have to. I just can’t wait to use all the technology that we are going to have to use in this class. I like learning with my hands. I am a visual learner and since we are going to actually learn how to use everything, I think it will be very interesting. Although we really haven’t gotten into the using of the technology used in this class, I already am getting a little taste of how it is going to be by performing the basic tasks out of the book in my homework. When I talked to my boss about the technology that I will be learning in Workplace Technologies, he was excited. Now, let’s just hope, no matter what the cost, he gives in a little and invests in what I am going to learn because I think some of the technology used in this class could benefit him and his law firm. I think it would benefit all three attorneys in our law firm and help them get up to date with the technology used in businesses. Well, I have to finish up the homework that is due next week, day 3 of Workplace Technologies. As of right now I am getting the hang of it. Yeah, it’s a lot of work for one assignment, but business and/or computer’s are me and it is what I like to do for the rest of my life!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

We will be showing off the new look of the Zeek 2 at the convention. Check back soon to see another sneak peek at the Zeek 2 exclusively on this blog!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Zeek 2 Sneak Peek

This week we snuck into the lab and got a peek at the new features of the upcoming Zeek 2!

Wow! You're going to be amazed at all the cool stuff that they're packing into such a small device. From first glance, the new features include:

  • Social networking
  • One-touch phone home
  • GPS mapping

Roz Cooper, the project manager, will be announcing the new device at this year's Technorama Expo on March 18th at a special company event.

Hint of the week: Did you know you can purchase and download music directly to your Zeek from any wireless connection? On your Zeek, go to Music > Connect > Store.

On the Street

The New Zeek is loaded with features. We went to the streest last week to see how well people liked the Zeek, and here is what one proud owner had to say:

"I take my Zeek with me everywhere. My friends think it's so cool and they keep asking to borrow it so they can check their e-mail!"

What do you like about your Zeek? Drop us a line here and let us know.

Week One Class Blog

Today in class we learned what the Workplace Technologies is going to entail. We also covered the syllabus, how to use the books and how to blog. I am a bit nervous. It is my last semester and I want to do well. We are also using Microsoft 2007 and I have never used it before so that ought to be interesting as well. I learned that we are going to use digital cameras, how to podcast, how to use PhotoShop and many other useful programs used today in many of the workplaces. With taking this class, I hope to learn how to use most of the technology that I have never used before. One thing I am familiar with is the blogging. With having a "myspace" or a "facebook" page, I blog every day and all the time as kind of a way to vent or to update past friends that I have not talk to in a while and/or only communicate with over the internet through those two websites. In my academic life, I will be obviously using the technology being used in this class for this class as well as for any presentations that I may have in the future for future classes. For example, I like art so after graduating from Owens this May, I could go on and get a degree in Art. I could go into graphic design and use some of the technology used for the photos and blogging for the graphic designing classes. I am extremely excited to learn how to use the most recent technology that is used today that I have not tried to use before. For my career, the technology that I will be learning in Workplace Technologies I feel will help me advance in the workplace. For example, right now, I work at a law firm that has three attorneys. All three attorneys are part of programs such as Toledo Employment Labor Attorneys, National Employment Labor Attorneys and Ohio Employment Labor Attorneys. When being a part of those programs, you are able to post blogs or "your opinion" on the ruling of cases that come out online that Judges have ruled on. I read blogs that have been posted daily because if there is something that strikes the attorney's "fancy", I have to print them out. Before next class, I will be finishing the required homework that is due next week. I will also be reading the book to try and understand it since it has come to my attention that it can be quite difficult to understand at first!

First Week of Class

Today is the first week of class for Workplace Technologies. Sounds interesting. Graduating this May.. CAN'T WAIT!!!!