Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Workplace Technologies - Scanning

Scanning on day 4 of Workplace Technologies was what I couldn't wait for. We finally learned how to create forms that you can fill in on the computer without handwriting everything in. This I really liked out of all the technologies that we have learned so far. I believe this way of scanning can benefit not just me but many people. At my place of work, I feel that this could be extremely beneficial. While working in an attorneys office, we have to file many things online and in turn have to convert a word document into a pdf document. So when the forms are not able to be filled in on the computer, we have to print the forms out, use a typewriter to fill in the form and then scan the document in, save it as a pdf and then file it online. I believe this could save a lot of headache and can make filing online easier and faster. I find that this would be very helpful in my career and/or job because it would be a lot easier to fill out forms and not have to worry about writing neatly. At my place of work, I still use a typewriter that almost every day wants to crash on me and stop working so I think that this would benefit the office I work for as well as many offices in the greater Toledo area and all around the world. Before the next class, I will be completing my scanning homework and talking to not only my coworkers who would absolutely love this program, but my boss as well. I hope by the time I talk to them, that he would consider purchasing this amazing software.

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