Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 3 of Workplace Technologies with OneNote

Day 3 of Workplace Technologies has already come and gone. Today, we learned how to use the Microsoft program, OneNote. I really like this program. I believe it could be an essential program for my workplace. I feel it could be easy to use and everyone in the office could use it, even the attorneys. In OneNote, I learned that you can grab documents from other programs and convert them into OneNote as a page in your notes. While completing my homework, I found at one particular part, OneNote is a lot like the paint software that comes with most if not all computers. When using OneNote at work, I complete a lot of dictation on a daily basis. This would be an awesome program for my boss to use for dictation. I feel it would be a lot easier and more cost effective because instead of using a Dictaphone and a device for me to hear the tape and type what I am hearing, all I would need is to open OneNote. You wouldn't have to worry about purchasing cassette tapes every time a tape is eaten up by the Dictaphone. Everything is saved in the program on the computer and nothing can get ruined. This would also help in my career and/or job because it is easier to keep notes with OneNote. Right now, I keep notes on post-it's and if you were to look at my desk at work, it is very neat and organized, but I have a blob of yellow post-it notes all over. I believe OneNote would help me organize my notes more professionally so my workspace at work will look more neat and/or organized. Before the next class, I will be completing my OneNote homework and hopefully able to talk my boss into purchasing this program. I love it and hope that I can get the chance to use it every day.

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