Tuesday, April 29, 2008


While using the Palm/Blackberry's today in class, I was already somewhat familiar with them since my boss has a Blackberry for a phone that I had to program and our Associate Attorney uses a Palm as a calendar when she is out of the office. I love how you are able to keep a calendar, access the internet and be able to talk on a phone all at the same time! I also absolutely love how the Palm allows you to keep a digital calendar instead of lugging around an actual daily activities binder. It is a space saver and that is definitley something that I could use not only in my personal life, but in my career as well. Since I am graduating with an office administrative degree, I will be pursuing my career as an administrative, so the Palm would be very useful with keeping up to date with co-worker's and your bosses daily activities and prepare myself for the next day. In my personal life, it would help me stay more organized. Since I am getting married in August, I am scheduling/preparing for a wedding so having the Palm and/or Blackberry would help me stayed organized in preparing. Before the next class, I will be preparing myself to finish what is necessary for the Palm/Blackberry assignments as well as finishing my Access assignments.

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