Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PC Tablet

Today, I used the PC Tablet for something other than tutorials. I wrote out my scripts for podcasting. In the end, I really like the PC Tablet rather than typing everything out. Some days, I am just not in the mood to type and the PC Tablet fills that mood I am in. You don't have to type, you just write everything out and the computer does it for you. It is an amazing piece of technology. If only it wasn't so expensive! I would use the PC Tablet almost every day that I didn't feel like typing, which since I do it on a daily basis, is almost every day. Some days, my fingers do not want to function and the PC Tablet would come in handy. Yes, it may take me longer to complete a project, but it would give my fingers a break from typing. I would absolutely love to use the PC Tablet at work. When having to complete 3 to 5 dictation tapes a day with possibly 2 to 10 letters on each, I can really get sick of typing. So, if the tapes are short, I can just easily pull out the PC Tablet and complete the tape that way rather than typing it out. In my personal life, I would use it almost every day as well. Right now, I am planning my own wedding, so the PC Tablet would be much more easier to take notes and store things that trying to keep everything organized in a wedding planning binder. Before the next class, I would like to go over what I need to do in the rotation list. I will be preparing myself for podcasting and recording my scripts that I prepared for podcasting. I will also be attempting to complete access. This semester has been a little stressful for me and since I have until the end of semester to complete access, I could possibly complete it during the next class period after recording my podcasting scripts. Until then, toodles!

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