Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dragon Natrually Speaking/Voice Recognition

While working with Dragon Naturally Speaking and voice recognition was very interesting. I learned how to speak into a microphone while the computer types in Microsoft Word and various other programs what I am saying. While using Dragon Naturally Speaking, I realized that this program could be very useful in my everyday life. Not really in my personal, but in my academic life as well as in the workplace. In my academic life, I could use it to write papers and/or reports and in the workplace, I could use it since I transcribe dictation on a daily basis. I usually transcribe three to four tapes a day with about five to ten letters per tape. So, with Dragon Naturally Speaking, instead of rewinding and fast forwarding tapes, either my boss or I could use the program to help get correspondence out every day. Before the next class, I plan on going over the instruction sheet for Adobe Acrobat since that is the program/technology that I will be using next class.

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